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Tips on curbing the habit of gambling

The number of people affected with mental illness is increasing largely all over the globe. The cause may be the fast evolving world. Everything is becoming instant; there is no time in anyone’s watch. People are connected all over the world, but stay alone in reality.

There is too much stress on individuals, their minds isn’t stable. Too much exposure to media, too many thoughts, and too many things to ponder over has over the time added the bad emotion, stress into each one’s life.

With so much stress built up, each of us tries to find a way to de-stress. Some of us go to gym, yoga, spa, vacation and few other ways. But there are certain group of people who gamble to relieve the accumulated stress.

They feel relaxed when they gamble. They gamble at the cost of anything and everything. Such gamblers become problematic gamblers. They sometimes can realise that they are going in the wrong path, but still follow it, plainly because it keeps them relaxed.

This is referred as Pathological gambling. Pathological gambling means being in a state of mind, where one is unable to resist the impulse of gambling. It is just like an addiction of drugs. It leads to severe personal and social consequences.

These gamblers gamble at the cost of their job, their assets, their family, every minute thing they find eligible to gamble. It becomes so worse that they can’t stop themselves from the clutches of gambling. They just need to keep it going, so they take loans, take money from every people they know and finally reach an entangled pit, which becomes very difficult to find a way out.

Well, it isn’t all that impossible too. As they say, ‘where there is a will, there is a way’, there is definitely a way out, but very difficult and not impossible. One must be focused on it, never take chances and get back to square one. If you are strong in quitting, then nothing can stop you. But, on the other hand, if you are really not serious, then nothing can make you.You can refer this site http://www.paypalbingosites.net/review/sing-bingo/ for some tips to get away from this habit.

Accept your problem

Yes, this is the first and very important one. You have to confess about your problem and realise and accept that you have a problem. If you get it right at the first place, then we assure you that your problem will surely be solved. If you are not admitting, then any treatment or changes will never be affected, as your mind is not ready to accept the change. Most of the gamblers, never want to do this. They realise only when it is too late. There are many hotline setup in many states and there are mental health doctors available to help such people.

Involve professional support

There is a standard treatment given for gamblers, and that technique is called as CBT. CBT- Cognitive Behavioural therapy is given to gamblers to change their thoughts and thinking way. Here a therapist is involved, who is a professional expert. They make a one-on-one discussion with patients and try to analyse the problem and then treat them accordingly. The CBT teaches them to deal with all personal issues and other professional problems in better way, and also makes them understand that gambling is not the only better way out.

Be part of groups

This is another major change to be made. You should make yourself part of groups, especially the support groups. These support groups as the name says, support you in every step. They help you put on back to track, if you miss out. They are there to help you in any way.There are support groups not just for gamblers, but for their families too. It helps their loved ones to support that gambling member without hurting them or even encouraging them. They give insights on how to deal with gambling addicts and coping up with all their tantrums.

Medication may help you

Just like drug addiction has medical help, you might want to consider this option. The reason for this extent of gambling is your dopamine, which gives you that ‘high’ feeling, or evens more. So, to get your levels of dopamine to normal, doctors would prescribe you anti-depressants. There are few other drugs too administered, all aim to keep you away from the positive feeling about gambling.

Be strict with yourself.

This might help you in the long run, even if you are not an addicted gambler. Follow few strict rules in order not to get into a pathetic situation. Be strict on yourself in terms of money, because this is major thing which is responsible for all that mess. As they would say, ‘man makes money, but money can’t make a man’; this is very true. If you don’t handle your money better today, it will handle you the way it wants.